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Such an exalted experience is perhaps more than one expects on a sunny afternoon in the liminal space between winter and spring in Kalamazoo.

To be stunned by such beauty as this, to feel it in your chest, is the great privilege of truly being alive." -Kalamazoo Gazette"Mr.

Playing Bach's keyboard masterpiece, Sohn, now at Michigan State University, proffers a lucid rendition, one conveying virtuosity without flash, lyricism without haze, and substance without bulk.On the long list of "Goldberg" interpreters, Sohn has again earned a place at the top.His body moves fluidly as he is stirred by his passion for the music, and indeed, for the instrument which he seems at times to be embracing.His hands are poetic, caressing the keys lightly or striking them with great force, but always precisely, and always bringing out subtlety in the phrasing that individualizes the character and feeling of the music.-Toronto Star There is no doubt as to his prodigious talent in listening to this all-Liszt recording featuring the 6 Paganini Etudes in addition to transcriptions of music by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Minsoo Sohn takes these pieces – surely among the most difficult in the repertory – in his stride, displaying a breathtaking technique and the relentless fortitude required of any Liszt player. In pieces such as La Campanella and La Chasse, he demonstrates a particular lightness of touch, his hands seemingly dancing over the keyboard with a shimmering delicacy.His newest recording, Bach’s Goldberg Variations—the Everest of young pianists—could earn him a place in the company of the 19 year old Rosalyn Tureck and the 23 year old Glenn Gould. Sohn is a virtuosic player: one can understand his devotion to Liszt.-Opusone review Minsoo Sohn’s album is dedicated to transcriptions of Bach, Paganini, Beethoven and Mozart by Franz Liszt. Seeing him live in performance in Ottawa this past summer, one recalls a Gouldian presence.-Toronto Star Sohn’s interpretation of a work made iconic by Glenn Gould should prove outstanding, even on first hearing.His performance is a Romantic blend of poetry and well, pure joy.Sohn has more than enough virtuosity for anything, and he may even have slighted the showoff dimension.