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Aber nicht alle Anbieter zocken ihre Mitglieder ab; es gibt auch eine Singlebörse mit einem Angebot, das nicht kostenlos, aber grenzenlos günstig ist und die ihren Mitgliedern viel zu bieten hat, nämlich die Berliner Singles.Viele kostenpflichtige Singlebörsen machen ihren Mitgliedern Vorschläge, mit wem sie sich verabreden sollen.This chip is then handed back to enter the foyer where the concerts take place.

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Visitors of all ages are welcome at the Lunch concerts as a rule.Please note, however, that – unlike the family and children's concerts of our education department – the concept of the Lunch concerts is not aimed explicitly at children.Out of consideration for the performing artists and the other concert guests, we would ask parents who wish to bring their children to consider before visiting a Lunch concert if their child is in a position to remain quietly seated for approx. As the artists who play at the Lunch concerts provide their services free of charge, the Berliner Philharmoniker, as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors of the United Nations Children's Fund, would like to ask visitors to the Lunch concerts to make a donation to this important world organisation.Your donation will be gratefully accepted at the UNICEF stand, to the right of the cloakroom.Everyone has them: those days crammed with appointments, with one meeting after another, a phone that won’t stop ringing, lunch on the run, trying to squeeze some essential shopping into the break. In the foyer of the Philharmonie, where a new concert series has been running since October 2007: the Lunchkonzerte – Lunchtime Concerts, which are happening again this season every Tuesday at 1 pm, between 9 September 2014 and 23 June 2015.

That’s why taking a few moments away from the hectic daily routine at midday can do you good. Chamber music of supreme quality with free admission and good food – that’s the idea behind these concerts, and it’s been exciting Berlin’s finest musicians.

The bringing of folding chairs is not permitted for safety reasons.

There are a limited number of seats available for visitors with disabilities.

Bei der Singlebörse der Berliner Singles kannst Du Dich stattdessen zu einem Event oder einer Veranstaltung anmelden, die von den Mitgliedern kostenlos selbst organisiert werden.

Natürlich hast Du auch selbst die Möglichkeit, Dein eigenes Event zu posten und so die anderen Berliner Singles dazu einzuladen.

For security reasons, the number of visitors to the lunch concerts is limited to 1,500.