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Business Concept Find out more about our offers Needs assessment A way of keeping track of the goals and the learning progress Our Customers Here you will find the companies who we have worked successfully with us in Düsseldorf. It offers the companies the ability to acquire specific learning content and training at manageable prices.

Our team is ready to help you choose the ideal program which meets your needs.

Learning tips How to make your language training more effective Travel checklist Here you will find all the things you will need for your trip as well as the must –haves.

Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf has been a central meeting point for language lovers from all over the world since 1990.

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На данной странице представлены тесты, которые помогут вам ответить на вопросы, связанные с заболеваниями нервной системы.Blog / Forum Find all sorts of interesting news on various topics: Languages. Etc Press Releases This is the press archive of the Sprachcaffe Language School Düsseldorf.Exams / Certificates This page will help you with choosing the suitable language certificate for you.Знакомства в Дюссельдорфе Безусловно, проще всего встретиться с человеком в своем городе.Перед тем как расширить поиск, предлагаем вам посмотреть кто хочет познакомиться прямо сейчас в Дюссельдорфе (Германия). Einstieg unterstützt dich bei deinem Start in Studium oder Beruf.