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As a parent, is it natural for you to want to be informed and involved in all the decisions, treatment and care your baby receives.

It is recognised that the stress and anxiety of having a sick or premature baby may make it difficult for you to take in and rationalise some of the experiences you have and some of the information you receive; it may also make you hesitant in asking further questions. Helen James and the Community Nursing Team with contributions from neonatal unit staff and parents of children looked after on our unit.

Our maternity service also works closely with the specialist Perinatal Response and Management Service (PRAMS), which is part of the Mental Health directorate and based at the Princess of Wales Hospital.

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We have a team of dedicated and experienced doctors, nurses and support staffs who work very hard to provide quality family centred care.

Specialist surgical services for the region are provided at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

Get advice and news about issues which affect your family's health sent directly to your Smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet.

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