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The sampling and analysis procedures were state of the art in the 1970s, but by today's standards there is an unfortunate lack of loss on ignition and magnetic susceptibility data.

This is characterised by only three types of tool with retouch: scrapers, burins and, not least, robust tanged points (Westerby, 1946; Westerby, 1987; Mathisassen, 1948 ; Fischer and Nielsen, 1987). The location of Holmegård Bog and the site of Trollesgave, relative to the present-day geography and the extent of land, sea and ice cap in Southern Scandinavia during Middle to Late Allerød times (A).Over time, as further finds assemblages have been discovered, it has become increasingly clear that the features common to the culture also include a characteristic approach to the production of blades (Andersen, 1973; Fischer, 1990; Madsen, 1992 ; Madsen, 1996). Other Bromme culture sites mentioned in the text are also marked on the map.That year, Trentemøller also supported Depeche Mode on their Delta Machine world tour and appeared at Melt! In 2014 Trentemøller composed the theme for the AMC series Halt and Catch Fire.Trentemøller has received two Danish Music Awards for his 2006 debut album The Last Resort, in the categories "Danish Electronica Release of the Year" and "Danish Producer of the Year", in 2007.Dots indicate sites that have been dated radiometrically.

The map of the Holmegård Bog area (B) gives the topographical location of the Trollesgave site and other well-defined Late Palaeolithic activity areas recorded during intensive field-surveying along the shores of the former lake system. The territory covered by the Bromme culture comprises present-day Denmark, the southernmost part of Sweden, the northern parts of the countries located south of the Baltic and the adjacent, now sea-covered, parts of the Baltic and the North Sea (Eriksen, 2002; Clausen, 2003; Pedersen, 2009; Petersen, 2009; Burdukiewicz, 2011 ; Riede and Edinborough, 2012).

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A tent camp for some 250 asylum seekers in the northern Jutland city of Thisted could open as early as this weekend, a spokesman for the Danish Emergency Management Agency (Beredskabstyrelsen - DEMA) said.

The Trollesgave settlement plays a critical role in this investigation in that a comprehensive body of archaeological and environmental evidence from this locality offers special opportunities to establish a relatively solid chronological fix-point.

The material recovered from this locality has now been brought out for analysis almost 40 years after it was excavated because, in the interim, no better basis has emerged for dating Late Palaeolithic settlements in Denmark.

And did it enjoy a cultural and genetic afterlife in subsequent periods?