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All programs & times may vary date-to-date and are subject to modification at any time for any reason however the Meet & Greet will take place prior to the advertised time of doors. The laminate does not gain or authorise access into the venue, VIP or any backstage areas.All merchandise to be collected from the venue on the night of the show.As is usual, the editor simply trusted the reviewers comments and rejected the manuscript.

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If a reviewer were identified, then either the reviewer could respond to the queries of the author or the author could request in subsequent submissions that he not be used as a reviewer. I bring this up to you so that we might have a discussion at the ARO about requiring reviewer identification for our societal journal JARO.

I think we could make a big positive change in science if we championed this modification to peer review.

My concern is that too often (especially in a small field) careless reviewers slow down the progress of science.

I will use some of my own experiences as examples to highlight this point.

Again the editors blindly accepted this and other absurdities of the reviewer!

Of course, in Sciences case this was sufficient for rejection.

In MEPS, we are currently discussion the peer-review system, see the debate: see also the link to printed article: "The peer-review system: time for re-assessment?

" As it appears, the proposal you want to bring up at the ARO has already been discussed - and rejected.

Med kort vej til havet, masser af natur og et hverdagsliv i et tåleligt tempo er Jammerbugt indrettet til familier.

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The other review was outrageous, stating that there were too many problems and inaccuracies to list.