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A portable ladder capable of being used either as a stepladder or as a single or extension ladder.

It may also be capable of being used as a trestle ladder or a stairwell ladder. A homogeneous material created by the synthetic assembly of two or more materials (a selected filler or reinforcing elements and a compatible matrix binder) to obtain specific characteristics and properties.

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A Straight Ladder is too long, for example, if ceiling height prohibits the ladder from being set-up at the proper angle.

Likewise, an Extension Ladder is too long if the ladder extends more than three (3) feet beyond the upper support point.

To figure out the total amount of weight your ladder will be supporting, add: The Duty Rating of your ladder can be found on the specifications label.

Safety standards require a Duty Rating sticker to be placed on the side of every ladder.

The Fixed Ladder must not be used if any bolts or welds are not secure or missing or if the joints between the rungs and the side rail are not tight.

Where structural defects or defects are identified, the ladder shall be taken out of service, blocked, fenced or removed until repairs are completed by a competent person.In this case, the portion of the ladder that extends above the upper support point can act like a lever and cause the base of the ladder to move or slide out.Safety standards require a label on the ladder to indicate the highest standing level. This is an indication of the maximum weight capacity the ladder can safely carry.Do not assume that a longer ladder has a higher weight capacity.There is no relationship between ladder length and weight capacity.Each of the following considerations addresses safety issues in your work environment: Next, the proper ladder length must be selected.